chocolate puff pastry

March 22, 2016 / By / Post a Comment
One of the many, many useful things my lovely mother taught me: always keep a box of puff pastry sheets in your freezer. There have been multiple times this has come in handy for both sweet and savory dishes. This chocolate puff pastry is so simple I’m not even going to refer to it as […]

easter basket goodies

March 27, 2015 / By / Post a Comment
Ah, Easter. It’s quite possibly my favorite holiday.  I had so much fun hunting for Axel’s Easter basket items this year. I decided to go sugar-free since I’m sure he’ll get plenty of Easter candies from his grandpas and grandmas. Besides, my two year old’s energy level already operates at a nonstop sugar high. Anyway, here are […]

mama built a little nest

March 21, 2015 / By / , , / 2 Comments
Oh, the excitement when you find out a friend is expecting an itty bitty baby…eeeeeeeee! This book, Mama Built A Little Nest, is one of our favorites. It’s a great book to add to your collection or to give to an expecting mama. I remember those days of “nesting”… I’d go into the baby’s room and […]

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