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one berry, two berry, pick me a blueberry!

July 16, 2016 / By / Post a Comment
It’s blueberry season in Michigan! We’re eating blueberries by the handful, slurping down blueberry smoothies, baking blueberry pies, flipping blueberry pancakes, and reading this darling book all about berries. We love this Jamberry book!   I have a few girlfriends with baby boys due at the end of the summer so I’ll be grabbing a berry pie from […]

thunder cake

June 5, 2016 / By / Post a Comment
Summer storms call for cuddles, reading, and a big slice of chocolate thunder cake! Thunder Cake is a children’s book written by Patricia Polacco–it’s one of my childhood favorites! The story is about a grandma who helps her granddaughter overcome her fear of thunder by baking a special chocolate cake complete with a secret ingredient. […]

a gift for anyone

May 11, 2016 / By / 2 Comments
Holy guacamole, a lot happens in 5 years. Flipping back through my little Q&A a day journal brings back so many memories. This tiny Q&A a day journal isn’t just a fun way to adorn your coffee table (although I’m all for that). This is a question a day journal that’s worth treating yourself to and it’s also one of my […]

hello. welcome to in the hutch. i'm lexi. here you'll find a collection of my everyday trinkets and tidbits. these are items that i find beautiful and inspirational...a menagerie of my favorite things.


  • we picked pounds and pounds of michigan peaches today! they're so juicy and delicious--we have one batch of popsicles in the freezer and hoping to make some peach crisp and a peach galette this weekend! yum! 🍑❤️🍑❤️
  • one of those busy, but good days. 🐝 now, time to relaaaaaaaax. good night! xo
  • sup·per • /ˈsəpər/ • an evening meal, typically a light or informal one. {do you guys say supper or dinner? 🤔}
  • gimme some of that summa sun tea! ☀️ 🍋 happy wednesday, friends! p.s. that crumbly-top blueberry muffin recipe is up on the blog. {link in bio}
  • nibbling just-baked blueberry muffins, juicy michigan peaches, and sipping tea with dear is off to a wonderful start! 

my favorite blueberry muffin recipe (complete with crumbly tops) will be on the blog later this week! xo
  • get the scoop on @in_the_hutch style + inspo over on the @pellawindows better view blog post. thank you for the feature @pellawindows! ❤️{link in bio}
  • hello august! i'm planning to squeeze every last drop of summer out of you. 

the @pellawindows better view blog has a little feature on @in_the_hutch today! (feeling thankful for the love!) check it out if you have a minute. ☺️❤️
  • empower women. support women. --i'm all about that and so is the @war_chest_boutique. there's a new blog post with some beautiful handcrafted items + details about an organization that is doing great things in a world with so much darkness. ❤️
  • tomorrow i'll be sharing some beautiful items on the blog from the @the_war_chest_boutique. #supportagreatcause #empowerwomen
  • saturday scones. {i have dibs on the asiago one!} happy weekend dear friends! xo
  • wishing these summer days would last forever...and all the flowers too. ☺️🌸
  • back home from a few days in iowa. grandma's house is always so magical--morning strolls on the tree walk, tomatoes and pesto from the garden, ice cream cones as big as our face, cousin time, county fairs, and endless goodies from the bakery. it's always so hard to say goodbyes, but it feels good to be home! we are headed to the market to fill up the fridge, but first, cinnamon toast for breakfast...healthy eating can start tomorrow! ☺️happy wednesday! xo