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Mother’s Day is almost here! I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite items to gift––or perhaps, to just treat yo’ self! (You deserve it!) Happy Mother’s Day! xo


Nena & Co.
Go small or go big––these handmade, one of a kind, bags and clutches are absolutely stunning. Something she’ll hold on to for years.

Hutch & Sparrow Bracelets
We’ve added to the collection! These Michigan made bracelets are handmade with sterling silver or 14k gold. The medallions read “beautiful & strong” or “blessed mama”. Choose from black or white beads, and rose gold, gold, or silver medallions. They’re great for stacking! P.S. Don’t miss the Spring Soirée event at Sparrow on May 11!

Fresh Flowers from Shelly Sarver Designs
There’s really nothing better than fresh, beautifully arranged flowers…especially for the woman who has it all…or is simply tricky to shop for. Shelly Sarver has exquisite taste and has won numerous floral awards…if you’re local (Iowa), it’s a must. HUTCH DISCOUNT: 20% off an arrangement of $50+. Pick-up suggested, $5 local deliveries.

Cut Flower Garden Book
This book was suggested to me by one of my dearest friends––the photos are gorgeous and it’s filled with information on growing, harvesting, and arranging blooms. It’s a great addition to my coffee table…so fun to flip through!

Floral Scissors
I’m always using these scissors! They fit my hand perfectly, they’re nice and sharp, and I think they’re beautiful too. Combine these shears + Cut Flower Garden + a floral arrangement for a lovely Mother’s Day gift! I can’t not mention my other favorite pair of scissors (they’re not for floral purposes), but they’re fantastic––heavy, sharp, beautiful…and the price is great.

Smith Tea, Meadow
I first had this tea at Brown Butter Crepes––it has quickly become one of my favorites. I like the light, floral and chamomile taste. I’m also fond of the orange box it comes in–I think it makes such a nice gift. If you choose to go with a floral theme this a fantastic addition.

Katie Dean Jewelry
You’ve heard me say it a time or two…I love these dainty jewels! Gift mom (or yourself) with a beautiful piece from Katie Dean Jewelry. I’m in love with the King & Queen Lariat. HUTCH DISCOUNT: Get 20% off your purchase with promo code INTHEHUTCH20

Custom Sun Hat from By Born and Made
Summer essential! Customize a hat with a sweet saying or name…these hats are such good quality. HUTCH DISCOUNT: Use promo code INTHEHUTCH10 to get 10% off your order.

OTBT Shoes
So shoes might seem a little out of the norm for Mother’s Day gifts…or not! Every mom I know is on their feet ALL day…go, go, go! These are perhaps the MOST comfortable shoes I have ever owned and they’re super cute too! It’s kinda like walking on magically-cushy clouds all day. I love these tennis shoes for the mama on the go, but these sandals (pictured above) are great for summer! So maybe you need both!?

SLIP Silk Pillowcase
Sleep…ah, something all mothers need more of. This luxurious real silk pillowcase is a bit of a splurge, but it is Mother’s Day, after all. It claims to be the anti-bedhead, anti-sleep crease, all silk pillowcase, and it lives up to it’s claim. It actually keeps your skin more hydrated, opposed to traditional cotton pillowcases that can dry out your skin. There’s a reason women have loved their silk pillowcases for decades…it works!

Eat Beautiful
The best foods for your skin. Find foods that feed your skin for the ultimate healthy, vibrant glow. Delicious recipes and a segment on homemade masks, scrubs, mists, and cleansers. I like that it’s something different from the everyday cookbook!

Feast Vegetarian Cookbook
I love meat, but I do appreciate good vegetarian dishes every so often. This cookbook is filled with hearty, delicious, easy to make dishes that your whole family will love.






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