to market to market

April 28, 2016 / By / Post a Comment
To market to market…to buy a fat pig. Well, I don’t really plan on buying a pig (although this Iowa girl does love a good pork chop). I just want fresh fruits and veggies. Heaps of them. I’m SO ready for the Farmers Market to open! We are farmers market maniacs over here, if there […]

this purse though

April 19, 2016 / By / Post a Comment
I’m in love with this adorable cross body purse! The perforated design, the natural/blush color, the detachable strap, the material–everything about it is oh-so-lovely. This purse looks like it is at least a couple hundred dollars. I was in a boutique in Alexandria, Virginia and almost didn’t pick it up because I was certain the price […]

pear + arugula flatbreads

April 9, 2016 / By / 8 Comments
These pear + arugula flatbreads have been our Sunday night go-to lately, but they’re perfect for a quick lunch or dinner anytime of the week. The sweet pear, tangy feta, and peppery arugula make a great combination on these mini flatbreads. When I was growing up one of our family traditions was pizza on Sunday nights. […]

discovering spring

April 6, 2016 / By / Post a Comment
Why? Why? Why? Axel’s in that stage. I know this is normal for toddlers, but it can get oh-so-annoying…especially when you need to get a million things done. But wait. The reality is that his curiosity is precious. Precious–that word makes me cringe a bit, but precious it is. And I’m the one (in his eyes) with all […]

packing made perfect

April 5, 2016 / By / 2 Comments
My husband and I took a quick 4 day trip to DC in late March. We did a bit of sight seeing, shopping, eating out, and lounging around. The weather was bizarre–ranging from 80-40 degrees with a little rain in the mix. Even with nutty weather I felt like I packed the perfect items–and it was all […]

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