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How is it that Easter is almost here? I’m piecing together Axel’s Easter basket for this year. The last couple years I’ve steered clear of candy since he acquires plenty from our local egg hunts and his grandmas. I went for a botanical theme this year inspired by his love for flowers, seeds, and digging in the dirt.

I’ve also included photos from the last couple years. I’d say these are pretty gender neutral and mostly found on Amazon––yay for 2 day shipping! Some of the items have changed so I found similar things and linked those. *Two items not pictured, but that are super fun are the Miracle Melting Bunny and these Peep Bubbles.

I’d love to hear what you’re throwing in your kiddos Easter baskets this year! I’m also on the hunt for birthday present ideas since my baby boy is turning 4 in June…I can’t believe this! I’m sure that will be here before I know it too, life just seems to be whizzing by. Anyway, I hope you all have a beautiful Easter! xo

botanicum book | gloves | garden tools (home goods for only $4.99)

sun art paper | chocolate eggs -from local candy store



2016 Easter: Book | Boots (similar here or here) | Hen Peck Paddle | Bunny Plate | Chalk Eggs

You can find the original blog post for the above Easter basket here.

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