Hutch & Ray: christmas cocktail cart + guy gifts + cozy holiday fashion

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I’ve joined up with my dear friend Kim Ray to bring you Hutch & Ray…a Christmas Collaboration. This post is one of many holidays tidbits that we’ll be bringing you this season! Be sure to hop over to Kim Ray’s blog…she’s got all the details on the fashion end! We’re posting similar items, but each with a different twist! xo


Christmas Cocktail Cart
When the seasons change this bar cart is always the first thing I decorate. I found this cart in the back of the super-duper-really-on-sale aisle. It was something like $40 and I’m still trying to figure out how it was so marked down––but I’m not complaining! My girlfriend Liz gave me the great idea of adding a little rosemary tree to the bar cart––it makes it extra festive and you can use the little rosemary sprigs for garnish! Brilliant! I added tiny seed lights to the tree from the Target dollar spot and there you go—I’ve got a tree and drinks waiting to be poured…what more do I need? Kidding! One more thing. See those little Christmas tree stir sticks? They’re so cute! If you can’t find them in the Target dollar spot it might be because some crazy lady bought them all. Yes, that would be me. I’m not keeping them––I plan to gift them! Speaking of gifts Kim and I have put together some great guy gift ideas…and the bar cart seemed like a fitting place to feature a few of them…

Socks, gold flask, and toothpicks from Frances Jaye. (In store or online)

Old Fashioned Bitters. This makes a great stocking stuffer. Fortinos in Grand Haven has unique spirits. If you’ve got a whiskey lover in your life go all out and pick up a bottle of Jefferson Ocean–it’s aged at sea (on a boat)! Who doesn’t love a cool story behind a bottle of good stuff?

You’ll find different sizes and styles of Hershel bags for guys at Frances Jaye.

Swell bottles from Frances Jaye.

Bourbon flavored toothpicks? Yep!

Casual Christmas Styles
We’re all about the fancy, but it’s great to have some casual Christmas styles to pull out for the cozier family get togethers. Get all the details about these darling outfits on Kim Ray’s blog. Also, if it looks like I’m growing a small Christmas tree farm in my living room you are (just about) right. I decided to go with a botanical look this year––the best part is that the house smells like a tree farm too!



Shop these looks at Sparrow. Those green jeans are James Jeans…favorite denim, ever!

Kim’s top is adorable! Get all the fashion details on her blog,

more looks and details at –shop these looks at Sparrow.

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  1. Laura says:

    Bar cart goals. 🙌🏽 Putting that on my decor bucket list for 2017. 😍

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