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I’ve lived in three houses where the laundry room was in the basement––creepy, cold, damp, and dark basements. So when we built our home I was over the moon to have a laundry room on the main floor. Like many of you, I spend a lot of time doing laundry. I set out to create this room to be multifunctional and a space I enjoy being in. Read on for a few details!

Cabinet Paint Color: Tweed Coat by Benjamin Moore
This color is everything I want in a gray! It makes white and black pop, and also has a warm timeless feel to it.

I’m a bit of a bargain gal and this room is full of them. I picked this chair up at TJ Maxx for just $30! I like to incorporate things I use regularly into my decorating––like the Hunter boots and these soap bottles.

Another bargain buy are these two wooden botanical prints. Just $11 from Hobby Lobby.

This room is long and narrow which makes it a bit tricky to capture on camera, but the opposite wall from the washer/dryer has a built in area of cubbies for all the West Michigan necessities…mittens, coats, towels, and beach toys. I scooped up these 2 black baskets on the floor from Xinh & Co.  They sell fair trade, ethically made handwoven goods at such a great price! It’s certainly worth checking out!


I spent a lot of time on these counters and I’m happy with how they’ve turned out. They’re raw steel with a black tool solution and clear top coat. The process of how to create the counter deserves it’s own post. If you are curious please shoot me an email and I can get you the details!

Although this room functions primarily as a laundry/mudroom I wanted to incorporate a sink and small counter area where I could start seedlings, arrange flowers, repot plants, etc. It’s a small space, but it works terrific and I enjoy having a designated space other than my kitchen counter to do the things I love.

Since these photos were taken I’ve added a simple, narrow, beveled edge mirror over the sink. For small rooms like these a mirror never hurts!

Sink: 24″ Barclay Farm Sink.
Faucet: Blanco Commercial Utility Faucet in Satin Nickel with Black Accent. 

For the the decor I simply made use of these things I had tucked away in cupboards and closets throughout the house––extra pots, an old pickle jar for clothes pins, and white flour sack towels.

This tile really makes the room! It’s a 3×12 size placed in brick set with black raven grout. I found it from Virginia Tile in Grand Rapids and it’s called Crafted White Gloss. It has a bit of imperfect “wavy” look to it that I’m drawn to. I was wanting something just a little bit different than the traditional white subway tile.

I picked up this letter board from Spring Sweet.

“Wash your hands!” I wonder how many times a day I say this? This step stool from Amazon sure comes in handy for Axel’s never ending sticky fingers!  🙂

Please shoot me an email ( if you have any questions!


Photos: Alexa Karen Photography

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