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Scottsdale Arizona has long been one of my favorite places to travel during the winter. I have so many great memories of being there since I was a little girl. You can’t beat the awesome temps, relaxing by the pool, and the beautiful dessert…but the food options there are some of the best! Over the last few years we’ve discovered some places that I literally crave all year long. Below is a brief list and links…just in case you’re ever in the area, or want to plan a trip! If you have questions or some of your own favorites please let me know! xo

The Mission is located in two different locations, but our favorite is the Old Town Scottsdale spot. The Modern Latin Cusine is unbeatable and their cocktails, specifically margaritas, are some of the best I’ve ever had! (I especially love the Blood Orange, and they even have an Avocado Margarita) Stop here for lunch, dinner, or a weekend brunch. It doesn’t matter what time of day––I always, I mean always, order the Pozole. Yes, soup! It is SO tasty! Their tacos are small so you can order a few of those too and not be overly stuffed! Be sure you don’t forget to get some guacamole–it’s made table side and it’s delicious!

blood orange margarita

chicken tacos

table side guacamole

favorite! pozole

Old Town Local–gelato.
I happen to be slightly obsessed with pistachio gelato. Back in high school I worked in a gelato shop, so I feel like I’m a little bit of a gelato snob. Yikes. I’ve tried a lot of pistachio gelato and this place knocks it out of the park. Roasted Pistachio Gelato in a waffle cone cup…I could eat it everyday! If you’re not so much of a pistachio fan all their flavors are great. I also love the strawberry!
Two words: Zucca Chips. They’re so good! North Italia is part of the Fox Restaurant Concept and we’ve dined at several—they’re all good, but North Italia is my favorite. I love the design/atmosphere, the food is fantastic, and they have great drinks too! Their food is fresh and delicious.
Another Fox Restaurant Concept. The interior and exterior design of this place alone is so cool. The food is great–I especially love sitting outside!
This has been a family favorite for a few years!
Fantastic cocktails and the food was great–the menu changes weekly. Our waiter, Ivan made our experience fantastic!

best drink of the entire trip! “Ice Queen” Vodka, Rhubarb, Strawberry-White Balsamic Shrub, Fresh Lemon, Champagne Foam, Cracked Black Pepper

beautiful outdoor seating at Virtu

A great lunch location or if your’e looking for a light dinner. The atmosphere is fun and hip and the menu is loaded with great, healthy options. Kombucha cocktails? Yep, they have those…and they’re good!

there’s a great indoor and outdoor vibe at Farm & Craft

-this is a chain (there’s is also one in Chicago) but it is really good! Get the cornbread!
Craft cocktails in a speakeasy setting–so cool.

Things to do:
Hike Camelback Mountain
Botanical Garden
Walk around Old Town Scottsdale
Farmers Market in Old Town
Fashion Square Mall
Butterfly Conservatory (for kids)








  1. Kristi K says:

    Perfect timing! Leaving for Phoenix tomorrow! Excited to try the Pozole soup at Mission and Zucca Chips at North! Will have to let you know how many things we are able to check off the list in the 4 days that we’ll be there!

  2. kate bolt says:

    such a gorgeous post!

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